Dễ dàng tạo wallpaper động với Dynamic Wallpaper Engine

Dynamic Wallpaper cho phép bạn sử dụng hình nền động cho desktop/screensaver. Chiếm tương đối ít tài nguyên hệ thống

Dễ dàng tạo  wallpaper động với Dynamic Wallpaper Engine

Cá nhân hóa màn hình nền macOS của bạn với Dynamic Wallpaper Engine. Một ứng dụng nhỏ, chiếm ít tài nguyên. 

Tính năng chính:

  • 2000+ hand-picked videos which are updated every day.
  • Multiple types of 4K Ultra HD videos, anime, scenery, cute, game, creative, Beauty, Ancient, Movie, etc.
  • Supports “keyword searching” in videos.
  • Supports “Dynamic-ScreenSaver”, personalize your lock screen.
  • Easy to import local video.
  • Supports The playlist, list loop, shuffle loop.
  • Supports multiple screen aspect ratios and video native resolutions.
  • Supports global hotkeys to control wallpaper, hide desktop icons and show screensaver.
  • Set different wallpapers on different displays.
  • Manual control, video pause, resume and mute.
  • Break reminders, with flexible customization if you want it.
  • Auto mode, pause the video when other apps are active, not disturbed at work.
  • Auto mode, pause the video when Power Disconnected.
  • Support for hiding desktop icons.
  • Dynamic Wallpaper Engine is designed to provide an interesting experience while consuming as little system resources as possible.

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